Practices of Attunement is an itinerant study group ... set in motion at the (Un-)Learning Place ... gathering in response to a call,  #instituting, a speculative experiment in deep hanging out, never far from things falling apart ... you can find out more about the group @ PoA Press, and read what is PoA?

Current Events

September 2021 - May 2022 

SARN’S Traversing Topologies: Imagining worlds and knowledge with/through artistic research

We will be contributing to the Swiss Artistic Research Networks:  “To conference in the realm of artistic research means finding a way to get together, sharing experiences, approaches, methods, processes and results. As an experimental form of conferencing, Traversing Topologies, imagines worlds and knowledge with/through artistic research approaches and methods.”
  • Launch event: September 25 2021 | Extended Programme: May 12-14 2021. details

Past Events

October 2021

PACT’s Spot on Economies 1/2/8 Research Forum 01. – 17. October 2021

PoA joined Spot on Economies, a research forum that “focuses on economies as crucial cross-roads between social, ecological, and political futures. Over the course of two weeks (01.-17.10.), PACT opens its whole house for a collaborative residential research phase framed by a public programme of notable lectures and workshops. Diverse research groups are invited to share and develop their ideas, questions, and proposals transdisciplinary with other scholars, artists, practitioners, and activists.” You can see more HERE:

June 2021

HKW's New Alphabet School - #instituting with Stefano Harney, Fred Moten, ruangrupa and others.

Practices of Attunement is running a series of online workshops for this event between 11 - 25 June 2021. The workshops will take place across a two-week period, where participants meet online twice in preliminary sessions prior to the event on June 25. The purpose of part 1 is to think through conditions and practices for attunement. Based on the participants’ experiences, part 2 will discuss possibilities to institute counter-institutional modes of study.

Full details and registration